Texas 29th District

Republican Primary Congressional Debate

Phillip Aronoff

I am Phillip Aronoff and I am filing to run for the United States Congress in the 29th district of Texas.  I have vast experience in business, in politics and as an honorary consul general for more than a decade.  I understand the importance of Houston as a global business center, and know the ways to build on that. Read More at www. aronoffforcongress.com 

Jaimy Z. Blanco

My famliy and I have lived the American Dream, and I believe we can restore the sense of boundless opportunity for every Texan with the right leadership in Washington today. I know what needs to change for our families to succeed, and I have the real world experience to make it happen.  www.blancoforcongress.com 

Carmen Maria Montiel

 I am running for the US Congress, because we must stay vigilant in the fight to protect our Liberty and opportunity, and I want to take that fight to Washington DC for my children, and for the people of Congressional District 29. Read more at www.carmenforcongress.com


Robert Schafranek

More than anywhere else in America, Houston is a very diverse city. No matter where we or our parents or grandparents came from, we are all equal in the sight of God. I envision an America where life is precious from the moment of conception to natural death. Read more at  http://robertschafranekforcongress.com/


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