Pastor Joe Keenan

Pastor Joe Keenan

pastor joe keenans
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Pastor Joe Keenan and his wife Becky are blessed with two children Katherine and Joseph Keenan

Pastor Joe Keenan has been involved in full-time ministry for over 30 years. Beginning in 1980, Pastor Joe entered an intensive training to become an ordained minister. After completing his training, Pastor Joe was sent to Canada where he ministered for one year. At the end of that year, he became the Pastor of the congregation at the age of 24. In 1983 Pastor Joe had an opportunity to move to Houston and pastor a small group that met in a home. The group quickly grew to a 200-member congregation that also began to open up other works in the city of Temple, Texas, Dallas, Mexico, and El Salvador.

Joe Keenan, Senior Pastor of Gulf Meadows Church, is a man of vision, compassion and strength in the Word. He has been involved in full-time ministry for 30 years. His dream is to see his city, nation and the world impacted by the love of God. This experience is what changed his life forever and brought him into ministry. Pastor Joe is gifted with a unique and powerful message that touches hearts and encourages people of all ages, classes and cultures to desire a closer walk with God and to serve their Savior as they influence other people's lives.

Through the years he has also been a mentor and father figure to many in ministry. His generous spirit has been an example to all who know him. Together with his wife, Becky, they pastor Living Hope Center, a bilingual cell based church in Houston, Texas. Their desire is to see many leaders birthed into ministry, prepared for the work of the Lord. Pastor Joe came to the knowledge of Christ during his 2nd year in college. Shortly afterward he entered full-time ministry, serving in Maryland, New Jersey, Canada, Texas, New York, and Chicago. Under his guidance, churches were established in the United States, Mexico and El Salvador through the church he pastored in Houston.

Pastors Joe and Becky Keenan established a retreat center in Sealy, Texas where hundreds of lives, from congregations throughout the nation, have come and been transformed by the power of God. Their vision is to train and equip leaders for the harvest. They are actively committed to mentoring and supporting pastors and works throughout the world.