Pastor Becky Keenan

Pastor Becky Keenan

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Pastor Becky Keenan was born in Stuttgart, Germany, the daughter of Puerto Rican parents. At the age of fourteen she experienced the power of the love of God which changed her life. Pastor Becky is a well-known speaker and travels extensively speaking to a variety of groups. Together with her husband, Joe Keenan, they head Gulf Meadows Church in the city of Houston, Texas. She is the proud mother of two beautiful children she loves dearly, Katie and Joey.

One of her additional talents is translation and interpretation in which she flows with impressive accuracy. She has experience lip synching TV programs and recordings, as well as translating books and songs. She also served as an English to Spanish translator for leaders such as John Hagee, Marilyn Hickey, New York City Councilman Dr. Fernando Cabrera, as well as from Spanish to English translator for Cesar and Claudia Castellanos, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and other global leaders. She translated events such as the National Day of Prayer, Night to Honor Israel in Washington, D.C. and the National Prayer Breakfast. She is also the Spanish voice of internationally known Bible teacher Joyce Meyer. As such, Becky’s voice is heard throughout Latin America by millions on a daily basis.

In May 2011, Pastor Becky hosted the first bilingual Night to Honor Israel (NTHI) event in Houston, TX. This historic evening celebrated the State of Israel and the Jewish community. The event marked the beginning of a promising relationship between both Christian and Jewish clergy; and Hispanic and Jewish community leadership. In addition, she successfully organized an interfaith NTHI event in English at Congregation Beth Yeshurun, the largest conservative synagogue in the United States. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Becky assumed the role as President of One With Israel (OWI), a grassroots movement of individuals, churches, synagogues and organizations nationwide that have made a commitment to demonstrate its support for Israel in challenging times. Through educational seminars, leadership training, signature lectures, and educational adventure trips, OWI transcends barriers and reaches people of all ages, backgrounds, and political affiliations. Pastor Becky has become a leading voice for Israel through public demonstrations, writings and numerous speaking engagements.

She is focused on educating leaders concerning their moral obligation to support Israel. Determined to build bridges of communication and friendship between communities (Jewish and Christian as well as others) with the purpose of forming a unified block that speaks and acts in favor of Israel. This profound conviction stems from her father who planted in her heart the seeds of love for the Jewish people after serving in the U.S. Army for 27 years. As a career military man, he served in the U. S. Army during the Korean conflict and WWII. It was his service in the North African theater, Italy and Germany where he observed, firsthand, the treatment of the Jews at the hands of the Nazi regime.

Pastor Keenan’s work among Hispanic leadership has been of vital importance. Her influence and expertise is sought after by many. She is active in mentoring both up and coming and seasoned Hispanic leaders on the complexities of Israel. Pastor Keenan has been the guest of Nefesh B’Nefesh, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and the State of Israel. She led a delegation of influential religious and community leaders at the invitation of Israel's Foreign Ministry and was the guest of the AIEF program in 2013.

Pastor Keenan is an active member of AIPAC’s National Council and has participated as a speaker at AIPAC’s policy conference on several occasions. Pastor Keenan travels extensively as a much sought after speaker at national and international forums. She enjoys mentoring young adults and also heads the Women’s Network of Houston, a multicultural organization in which women are empowered to fulfill their potential as individuals and to instill family values in their families, workplaces and communities.

In 2015, Pastor Becky was appointed by Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbot, to the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission. The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, coalesced by Senate Bill 482, was established to ensure that resources are available to students, educators and the general public regarding the Holocaust and other genocides. Together with her husband, Pastor Joe, Pastor Becky leads Gulf Meadows Church, a nondenominational multicultural congregation in Houston, Texas. She is the proud mother of two beautiful young adults, Katie and Joey.